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Power & Distribution Transformers


We have much pleasure in introducing ourselves and taken an opportunity in serving you with your valued effort. Our firm is committed to design and manufacturing ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMERS of different capacities from 15 KVA to 10000 KVA for different applications.

Our extensive variety of Transformers are Oil Cooled, Dry type and special application Transformers with off load tap changer and on load tap changer along with remote changeover and automatic voltage relay.

We are associated with this business since our very inception with more than a decade experience & specialized widely in this field. Needless to say our experience in execute without delay & sound service on which the success of the above said firm has been built. Also we wish to emphasize our commitment by offering high quality reliability in service, price exceptionally low and timely deliveries.


SAHARA Transformers are designed and tested as per Standards namely IS 2026 / IS 1180, IEC 76, BS 171 besides specific needs of customers. Our designers are highly experience in custom designing of transformers. Our cross industry experience helps us adopt proven techniques from market discipline to the needs of customer in other areas. Besides implementing all modern techniques in our designs.


In effect, quality control is the process through which engineering skill manufacturing experience and raw materials are brought out together to produce a final product which has inherently high quality. Quality inspections are one at every level and in every section. We force which completely understands importance of quality. Our customer are given access to all levels of information and as many no of stage inspections he wishes, to ensure the quality.


Only high electrical grade Kraft Paper and Pressboard as per IS 1576 is used. The insulation material used is checked for high dielectric and temperatures withstand capacity. Insulating varnish is used for impregnating our transformer winding.

Dry type transformers are varnish impregnated designed to withstand temperature rise 90 deg. C in winding with class F insulation.


Core is constructed from cold rolled grain oriented low loss electrical grade lamination confirming to the latest IS. Lamination are coasted on both sides with insulation which is unaffected by continuous in transformer service.


Winding are designed using electrolytic grade, high conductivity copper / aluminum conductors to meet the electrical, mechanical and thermal requirements. Suitable, strips / wire sizes are drawn out and the conductor is annealed to the required softness. The insulation paper used for covering the conductors is tested for low ash content, low moisture absorption thus ensuring compliance to international standards. All wound coils are pressed, clamped and dried in a circulating air oven prior to impregnation in oil.


The insulating oil used is of low viscosity with good resistance to oxidation and formation of sledges and acids. Moisture content, dielectric strength alkalinity etc. is determined and certified by conducting relevant tests as per IS – 335 / 1972.


All our tanks are fabricated with high grade tested mild steel. The design of the tanks incorporate adequate wall and base thickness so as to withstand the pressure build up in the tank. Pressed sheets steel radiators are used for cooling ensuring that greater surface area is available for heat dissipation.


The tests are conducted as per IS – 2026 and test certificate issued for each and every transformer. The routine tests are conducted at our test facilities.


  • Insulation Resistance Measurement Test
  • Turns Ratio Test
  • Measurement of Voltage ratio, and vector Group check
  • Measurement of Winding Resistance Test
  • Measurement of magnetizing no-load current and loss test
  • Measurement of load loss and impedance voltage test
  • Separate source voltage with stand test (HV Test)
  • Induced over voltage test (DVDF Test)
  • Oil Break down voltage test (BDV of Oil samples)
  • Leak test on Transformer tank.



Following fittings are provided as standard practice for all transformers

  • Conservator with oil level gauge, drain plugs, oil filling hole
  • Breathers of adequate size (Silica gel)
  • Air release plug to extricate trapped air in the tank
  • Pressure relief valve or explosion vent with diaphragm (for transformers above 100 KVA)
  • Drain valve and filter valve with plug
  • Tap switch operating external gear
  • Lifting lugs
  • Earthling terminals
  • Bottom channel with rollers
  • H.V. Bushing with arcing horns
  • L.V. Bushing
  • Rating and Diagram plate


Following fitting and protective Devices are provided on Transformers as per customer requirements at extra cost.

  • HV and LV cable boxes and ducting chamber
  • On load tap changer
  • Magnetic oil level gauge
  • Bucholz relay
  • Winding Temperature Indicator
  • Dial Thermometer
  • Isolating valves



Why Us?

  • Impeccable range
  • Excellent services
  • Customized solutions
  • Ethical business practices
  • Skilled and qualified professionals
  • Prompt delivery

Our Team

  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Quality inspectors
  • Marketing and Sales professionals
  • Skilled personnel’s

Product Profile

  • High tolerance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High performance
  • Low maintenance

Infrastructural Facility

  • Welding machine
  • Winding machine
  • Electric crain up to 15 Tones
  • Electric oven 18kw
  • Oil fiter machine
  • Grainding m/c etc
  • Traus former test bench
  • Drilling Machine